Dear Santa, Please take December Recalls Away!

Did you write Santa a letter during the holidays that read, “All I want for Christmas is…SAFETY!” You can’t ask for a better gift than that, right!?!?!?

To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury, call CPSC’s Hotline at (800) 638-2772 or CPSC’s teletypewriter at (301) 595-7054. To join a CPSC e-mail subscription list, please go to Consumers can obtain recall and general safety information by logging on to CPSC’s Web site at

Join hands with Lexlee’s Kids in caring for your kids’ safety. If you have questions about child product recalls or child safety post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-372-3991.

Child Product Recalls Issued by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in December 2012 are as follows:


CPSC 7/26/2010 – Baby Matters is voluntarily recalling Nap Nanny Recliners, due to entrapment, suffocation and fall hazards.


CPSC 12/27/2012 – Meijer is voluntarily recalling Falls Creek Kids Denim Jeans due to choking hazard. The snap on the front of the infant and toddler denim jeans may come loose and pose a choking hazard to young children.

CPSC 12/26/2012 – Honda is voluntarily recalling FourTrax ATV’s due to crash hazard.

FDA 12/26/2012 – GE Healthcare is voluntarily recalling the T-piece circuit used with GE Healthcare’s Giraffe and Panda resuscitation units due to inability to achieve maximum PIP (Peak Inspiratory Pressure), potentially harming patients.

CPSC 12/20/2012 – Sassy Inc. is voluntarily recalling Hug N’ Tug Baby Toys due to choking hazard.

CPSC 12/18/2012 – Norco is voluntarily recalling Havoc bicycles due to risk of injury because the bicycle frame can crack.

CPSC 12/18/2012 – Wilier Triestina is voluntarily recalling bicycles due to fall hazard because the fork’s steerer tube can break.

CPSC 12/17/2012 – Dunecraft is voluntarily recalling Water Balz, Skulls, Orbs and Flower Toys due to serious ingestion hazard (See below).

CPSC 12/12/12 – Baby Jogger is voluntarily recalling City Versa Strollers due to fall hazard.

NHTSA 12/10/12 – Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is voluntarily recalling Thomas Built school buses due to risk of injury because of overheating.

CPSC 12/10/12 – Reiss Innovators is voluntarily recalling high-powered rare earth magnet sets, sold exclusively at

FDA 12/10/2012 – Mister Snacks, Inc. is voluntarily recalling Sunbird Snacks Yogurt Raisins due to undeclared peanuts.

FDA 12/8/2012 – Freshway Foods is voluntarily recalling out-of-date sliced apples because of possible health risk.

FDA 12/7/2012 – Sugar Flowers Plus Inc is voluntarily recalling Cake Decors Pastillage (gumpaste) Flowers due to undeclared egg whites.

CPSC 12/6/12 – Dream On Me is voluntarily recalling children’s bed rails due to suffocation and strangulation hazards.

CPSC 12/6/12 – Dream On Me is voluntarily recalling bath seats due to drowning hazard.

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