Klub Rulz


  1. For Kidz ages 0-12 years old.
  2. Must have your parent’s permission to join.
  3. Practice safety all day, every day.
  4. Check out our calendar and join us at Kid Klub events.
  5. Have Fun, Be Safe and Make Friends!

“How to Join”

  1. Have your parents complete the online form to sign up.
  2. Recite and sign the “Lexlee’s Kidz Klub Safety Pledge”.
  3. Print your Lexlee’s Kidz Klub Certificate of Membership.
  4. Print and personalize your VIP Lexlee’s Kidz Klub Membership Card.

“Safety Pledge”

As a Lexlee’s Kids Klub member, I promise to be safe

Remember not to let any strangers in my space

From poisons to playgrounds, safety just goes round and round

I’m riding in the back seat, seatbelt wrapped around me

If I want to take a ride, look both ways from side to side

The summer days are oh so hot, sun block from toes to the top

Fires can scary, please try not to worry

Drop down low, head for the door; this will help your safety score

Hut 1, 2 and 3 and 4, sport safety adds to your score

Come on friends, lets join hands, Lexlee’s Kidz are oh so grand!

“Kidz Klub Benefits”

  1. VIP Lexlee’s Kidz Klub Membership Card.
  2. Lexlee’s Kidz Klub Certificate of Membership.
  3. Your name on the Kidz Klub Wall of Fame.
  4. Monthly Lexlee’s Kidz Klub Newzletter filled with games, activities, safety tips, recipes, events and more!
  5. Special birthday wishes from Lexlee’s Kids.
  6. Opportunity to the Lexlee’s Kid of the Month.
  7. A safer you!