Drive to Safety!

What are a few things one can witness when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle!  Keys jingling? Phones ring-ring-ring? Drivers chattering? It’s very easy to become distracted while driving, but you must put measures in place to prevent being included in the distracted driver statistic.  Don’t let distracted driving SHATTER your life! Save the talking and texting for later…Ready, Set…Let’s DRIVE!


All right roadrunners, so you’re ready to drive, huh? With driving, comes a lot of responsibility…mainly your life and the lives of others. Give the parentals a break; they are more frightened than you are excited!

  1. Safety, Safety and more Safety: seatbelts, no phones, no distractions, no alcohol, no speeding! Glad we could get that out of the way quickly…
  2. Focus on the Road Ahead: Pay attention to the task at hand…DRIVING, and arriving SAFELY.
  3. Lead the Way: Get involved in promoting safe driving among your peers! Create solutions, host events and fun activities to celebrate safe driving. Make a pledge and commit to being a safe, distraction-free driver. Fill out a pledge form and keep a copy at home, in your locker, in your car as a reminder. Make your parents fill one out too!
  4. Speak Up: Don’t only be a great driver – be a great passenger! Make sure you are not the distraction and call your friends out, even your parents, if they are distracted while driving. Hey, it’s only your life you are speaking up for!


That little plastic card is the cause of many restless days and sleepless nights. Here are some turn-by-turn directions to help get you through.

  1. Clear Sky’s Ahead: Set clear and simple rules for your teen driver. Make sure you are following those safety rules too! Seatbelts, no phones, no distractions, no alcohol, no speeding!
  2. Lead the Way: Let them drive! Day, night, rain, sun, fog, traffic, straight roads, curvy roads…LET THEM DRIVE! Play an active role in your teen gaining the experience needed to be a great driver! Without experience, they cannot be good drivers. And again…set a good example, make sure you are following the same safety rules you expect your teen to follow!
  3. Safety, not Control: Make sure your teen knows that the rules are about safety, not controlling their life. As skills develop and they become more responsible, rewards and new privileges may be in order.
  4. Can you Hear it: Listen to their concerns and be responsive.

Let’s take a stand, get the phone out of your hand!

If you have questions or comments about distracted driving and/or Ready, Set, DRIVE!, post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-372-3991.

*Lexlee’s Kids’ Ready, Set, DRIVE! program is designed for teen drivers to learn the negative effects of distracted driving and underage drinking, while coming up with ways to promote positive behavior change in teen drivers. This unique, fun and educational program offers a driving simulator and a number of other interactive activities to engage all learning styles.

Lexlee’s Kids Ready, Set, DRIVE! Program Sponsored by: Louisiana Highway Safety Commission and State Farm Insurance.

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